Why Your Business Needs AnIndustrial Router

While your business grows, so does its machinery. This is especially true for manufacturing companies and the like, but this is also applicable to businesses found across all industries. Every business has a set of equipment to perform its necessary tasks, and some of these can be connected to each other (and to you) to increase efficiency. This is done conveniently with an industrial router in Australia.

While consumer-grade routers are fine for casual and regular internet use at home and in small offices, there are just some things only an industrial router can do. Here are a few worth mentioning:

They Can Do Virtually Anything

Of course, as all routers do, they connect your business electronics to the internet. They give you maximum speeds (of up to 100 gb/s) to ensure fast data transfers with the most secure encryptions, and enable various corporate functions such as conference calls, long-distance video meetings, managing remote workers &telecommuters, and many more.But aside from that, routers like the robustel r3000 can connect you to your machines, so you can access and control them remotely. You can send commands to your machines, gather data from them, monitor heating systems and other environmental data, record surveillance videos, etc.Some routers also let you install 2 SIM cards, in case the primary cellular network bogs down or its signal is unreliable.

They Withstand The Harshest Conditions

Industrial routers are built to withstand most extreme weather conditions, may it be the burning heat of a desert, the freezing cold of areas stuck in perpetual winter, or any climate in between.They’re also made to work even with the many possible interferences found in an industrial site, such as metals and machinery that could block cellular signals.

They’re Built To Last Long

The robustel r3000 price might cost more than the average consumer router, but the expense is justified by the guaranteed longevity. Regular home routers are made with cheap electronics that last less than 5 years of continued use, or at least the amount of time covered by the warranty. On the other hand, industrial routers last up to 10 years or more, ensuring the best bang-for-the-buck value that any business can confidently invest in.

They Take Your Business To The Next Level

The world is driven by internet connectivity. An industrial router helps keep the overall business connected to the proprietor and to the world, by regulating the various M2M and IoT applications performed by the company. With it, your company is future-proof, and it can keep up with the ever-improving industry standards.So what are you waiting for? Get an industrial router to keep your business ahead of the game!